Kitty Tumble Hair

Curious Kitties has made a new hairstyle designed for her new kittenz kitty avatar that you can win in the kitty tumble game. It’s the newest group gift, while it was made to go with the kitty avatar, any style of kittenz avatar you have or even humans can wear it just will take some modding.

The little ball on top spins around, adding to the cuteness and quirkiness of this hair ❤

Wear your group tag and click on the ad in store to get yours!

Style Credits:

Hair: Nyanotech Hair [Type A] – TumbleKitty V3 = – Curious Kitties

Outfit: Poofie Lil Sailor Dress – Black – Curious Kitties

Avatar:  Kittenz Luth Avatar – Curious Kitties (free)